Meet your 2009-10 AP All-Americans

Yes, The Associated Press has released its 2009-10 All-American teams, and there are few surprises on the lists. But that doesn't mean everyone is going to agree.

Anyway, since it's easier to just chew on a list, here's the first, second and third All-America squads:

First team

Second team

Third team

It's worth noting that the All-American teams aren't lineup specific, even though that first-team starting five looks pretty well apportioned. Positions don't really matter, which is why the third team would probably beat the second team thanks to sheer size.

Anyway, those are three pretty good lists, if you ask me. Reynolds faded down the stretch and turned in an uncharacteristically quiet NCAA tournament performance, but he carried his team for much of the season, and I have no real problem with his inclusion. Others have already criticized DeMarcus Cousins' place on the first team thanks to Cousins' 23.5 minutes per game average, but so what? Cousins was so good that he didn't need to play more than that to change the face of every game he entered. He still averaged a double-double, and while it would have been nice to see what he could do with Wall's 35 minutes a game, Cousins was never that player. But he was still that good. (And assuming it was always Cousins' fault he wasn't on the floor more seems a little silly. Sure, Cousins had his share of foul issues, and there were plenty of times when he needed to put his temper back in the box. But Kentucky coach John Calipari also had Patrick Patterson and Daniel Orton on his front line, and you're not going to bench Patterson or ignore Orton no matter how good Cousins is. There are other, long-term considerations -- the NBA draft, how the program looks to recruits, etc. -- to be made there.)

Other than that, some might complain that Harangody was included on the third team. Harangody was injured for the most successful patch of Notre Dame's season after all, and he returned just in time to play a key role in his team's first-round tournament loss to Old Dominion. But at the risk of getting too sappy, Harangody deserved some recognition for his outstanding career, and if that means a slightly suspect inclusion on the third-string All-American team, so be it.

What about you, commenters? Any issues with your 2010 All-Americans?