Tournament Challenge: 3.7 percent perfect

Through the first eight games of the NCAA tournament, just 3.7 percent of the 11 million-plus brackets in ESPN's Tournament Challenge are still perfect.

No. 11-seeded Dayton got the ball rolling in the first game of the tournament by knocking off 6-seed Ohio State. Just 19.7 percent of brackets had the Flyers pulling off the upset.

Harvard, a 12-seed, also got in on the fun by beating 5-seed Cincinnati. That upset was picked in 31.4 percent of brackets, including President Barack Obama's.

Speaking of Obama's bracket, he got seven of the first eight games right, missing only Dayton. He is in the 96.3th percentile in the game.

Also, 8.8 percent of brackets had both Dayton and Harvard winning. Looking ahead for the two teams, Dayton is picked in 3.9 percent and Harvard 2.7 percent to reach the Sweet 16.