Tournament Challenge: Final Four update

A total of 1,780 brackets of the 11 million-plus entered in the Tournament Challenge correctly predicted a Connecticut-Kentucky national championship game.

In total, just 2.6 percent of brackets had at least one team in the title game, with 2.1 percent of brackets had Kentucky going this far, while 0.5 percent (49,997 total brackets) had Connecticut playing for the championship.

Overall, 1.1 percent of brackets have Kentucky winning it all, with 0.3 percent (27,203 total brackets) taking Connecticut all the way. Kentucky was by far the most popular 8-seed to win it all (with no other 8-seed getting more than 0.1 percent of support to win it all), while Connecticut was just slightly the most popular 7-seed to take the title (Oregon and Texas were taken in 0.2 percent of brackets).

Of the 1,780 brackets that predicted a UConn-Kentucky championship game, the Wildcats are the slight favorite, picked in 51.8 percent of those particular brackets.

As for the teams that lost Saturday, Florida was the most popular pick to win it all, taken in 27.1 percent of brackets (with 41.1 percent having the Gators reach the title game). Wisconsin was the national championship pick in 2 percent of brackets (and were picked to reach the title game in 5.7 percent of brackets).

Obama's bracket

The president can't get any more points because he had Michigan State beating Louisville for the title. However, with the low number of brackets getting even just one team in the championship game, he currently sits in the 72.9 percentile. He'll finish the tournament with a 39-24 record.