Tournament Challenge: It was in the Cards

After another wild NCAA tournament, a total of 21.9 percent of the 8.15 million brackets entered in Tournament Challenge had the correct winner in Louisville, the top seed overall and the most popular championship pick heading into the tournament. It was the second consecutive year that the most popular pick in Tournament Challenge won it all. Kentucky was picked in 35.1 percent of brackets to win in 2012.

There were two brackets tied atop the leaderboard with 1,660 points. However, the grand prize winner comes from a drawing of the top 1 percent of entries in the game, not just the overall points leaders.

President Obama's bracket

The president's bracket finished in the 74.4 percentile of the contest. He had Louisville reaching the title game, but had the Cardinals losing to Indiana. However, with so many brackets picking Louisville to win it all, his standing took a major drop in the end. Last year, the president finished in the 63.6 percentile.

Notable brackets (national champion, final percentile)

President Obama: Indiana, 74.4

Dick Vitale: Louisville, 96.3

Joe Lunardi: Louisville, 95.5

Mike Greenberg: Louisville, 87.5

Mike Golic: Louisville, 95.5

Michael Wilbon: Georgetown, 12.4

Tony Kornheiser: Indiana, 42.9

Colin Cowherd: Miami, 7.1

Scott Van Pelt: Ohio State, 14.1

Ryen Russillo: Miami, 14.1

All-Chalk bracket: Louisville, 91.8