Watch: Ali Farokhmanesh is back to haunt Kansas fans -- this time in person

Nelson Chenault/USA TODAY Sports

Five years later, Ali Farokhmanesh is still trolling Kansas fans.

Who can forget the moxie of the little Northern Iowa guard with the long last name who heaved up a 3 early in the shot clock that essentially buried the overall No. 1 seed Jayhawks in the first weekend of the 2010 NCAA tournament?

Kansas fans certainly haven't forgotten -- but perhaps years of mental therapy have erased his face from their memories. At least that applies to the KU partisans he interviewed in Omaha, Nebraska, where the Jayhawks are playing in the tournament this weekend.

The Omaha World-Herald had Farokmanesh pose as a reporter and walk around with a microphone, interviewing Kansas folks about their worst NCAA tournament memories -- pressing them on that UNI heartbreaker if they at first named others. None of them recognized the villain from Cedar Falls, which made it all that much funnier when he identified himself.

Watch it for yourself here -- unless you are a Jayhawks fan of course, in which case we'll understood if you feel like it's just too soon.