New top 25: Kansas back on top

The week's new Associated Press and ESPN/USA Today top 25 polls are out, and what do you know? Kansas is back on top. Surprised?

Few should be. Kansas' ascension to the top of both polls was a given after its gutty overtime win at Kansas State Saturday. Had Kansas lost, the Syracuse-Villanova debate would have raged for at least a day, and then everyone would have remembered that the polls don't really matter at this point in the season, and then everyone would have calmed down. Kansas' road mettle prevented that dire scenario. We should all be thankful.

In the meantime, a big round of applause -- first person to do that thing where they clap in a circle (ha, "round" of applause, get it?) gets punched in the face -- for mighty Cornell. The Big Red dominated Jeremy Lin and Harvard on Friday night, and that win, along with their 18-3 record and high-profile near-toppling of Kansas on Jan. 6, earned Cornell the first ranking in the history of its basketball program. Banner day! According to ESPN research, Cornell is the first Ivy League team to land in the top 25 since Princeton in 1997-98, when the Tigers were ranked the entire season.

This is good news for a variety of reasons. The first? It's always good to see the Ivy League in the national picture. The second? Kids at Ivy League schools have it pretty rough, sports-wise and this is something to rally around. Third? More Andy Bernard jokes! There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.