Steve Donahue's 12 Disciples find support

Boston College coach Steve Donahue last month put out the message on his Twitter page about wanting to meet with the fledgling student group named in his honor -- "Donahue's Disciples."

Fittingly, 12 of the Disciples recently spoke with Donahue and the coaching staff after hearing of his tweet, and they discussed ways to rally the students and draw them closer to the Eagles program, according to The Heights.

The idea for the group started last season when BC hosted UNC, and Ryan Dunn and a few of his friends dressed up as Donahue's Disciples at the game. After the season ended, Dunn and his friends met with head coach Steve Donahue and his staff to discuss the barren student section at most home games throughout the year. The coaches loved the idea of the student group, but not much else stuck from the meeting.


Monday's meeting was much more productive than the one at the end of last year's, and Donahue's Disciples left with a boatload of new ideas for the season, now 38 days away from opening night at Conte Forum.

The central idea behind the group is to reignite a sense of excitement, tradition, and creativity back into Conte Forum.

Donahue embracing the student support comes at a good time. After a 21-win season in his first year with the Eagles, Donahue's team will be very young and will feature many new faces that the students need to connect with.

Is Donahue the program's savior? We'll see. Are Donahue's Disciples the Cameron Crazies? No, but a grassroots passion for college basketball is starting to form, and that's a good thing to see for a program that needs to be energized.

Donahue's Disciples have since created a Twitter account of their own and declared, "The Disciples have arrived everyone. This is a grassroots revolution aimed at creating one of the best fan bases in the country."

The name of the Twitter account? BookofDonahue.