Rick Pitino ends coaching rumors about son

Richard Pitino, son of Louisville coach Rick Pitino, was a candidate at Boston University before it hired now-Penn State coach Pat Chambers. Naturally, when Chambers left BU, the younger Pitino was one of the first and most prominent candidates mentioned.

So is he an actually candidate? Nope. It's really just that simple, according to his father, as reported by the enterprising young journalists at Boston University's Daily Free Press:

"Richard is under contract for two years," the elder Pitino said in a press conference today. "If the greatest job in America came up next year, he is not going anywhere."

Why so serious? After recent departures and shakeups in his program, the elder Pitino now requires two-year contracts from his assistants. Understandably, that rule applies to his son, Richard.

So it's pretty much cut and dry: Richard Pitino is stuck at Louisville for the length of his deal, even if the single best job in the country opens up next spring. "But Daaaad, it's, like, the best job in the world!" "Son, I said no. End of discussion." Or something like that.