Behold the worst free throw of all time

Happy Monday morning, everyone! If you were on the Internet Sunday (I was not; this was a weekend off from the Internet, and it felt kind of great), you might well have seen the below video making the rounds on Twitter. If not, well, here you go. Like I said: Happy Monday morning.

What you are about to see -- thanks to the YouTube channel of TV 62, a student-run TV station at Western Carolina University -- may well be the worst free throw shot ever attempted in a game of basketball.

I know, right? You think the whole "worst free throw ever" stuff is cheeky hyperbole, and then you watch the video. And then you realize it is not.

Of course, Appalachian State center Brian Okam is not actually that bad at shooting free throws. In fact, the ball obviously slips out of his hand. So I don't feel all that bad singling Okam out, because we are not really insulting his abilities, because those aren't his abilities. It's all good, Brian. It happens.

Instead, I'm marveling at whatever freak occurrence of physics caused Okam's release to send that ball into such a steep parabola. And also I'm laughing at the guys boxing out, and kids broadcasting the clip: "I'm not sure WHAT that was." No one is.