Green Bay hopes recruits call, maybe

Speaking of backlash, let's get one thing out there right away: "Call Me Maybe" is, on its merits alone, an almost perfect pop song.

In the past three months, I've seen Justin Beiber and his cool-kid friends lip dub it to death. I've seen friends -- hip hop fans -- belt it out in bars. I've heard it approximately 7.6 million times, in every imaginable context. I should be sick of it, but I'm not. Catch me in the right mood, hit me with that earworm chorus, and I might even sing along.

What am I sick of? Every female I'm friends with on Facebook (which is like four, but still) titling their photo albums "Call Me ... Summer 2012!" or "Hey I Just Met You, This Is Crazy!!!" or other variously over-exuberant things. That needs to stop. I'm also sick of every "Call Me Maybe"-based lip dub and synchronized car dance, from Harvard baseball to SMU women's rowing and everything in between. When someone spends this much time in iMovie, we've officially reached maximum meme density. It's time to move on.

With all that said, you have to give the Green Bay men's basketball program some points for timeliness and creativity. As discussed early in the week, Friday is the first day under the NCAA's new contact rules, which deregulate previously strict contact requirements and allow coaches to call and text recruits in unlimited fashion. Green Bay's staff was looking to stand out from the gathering swarm, so their coaches, including head coach Brian Wardle, turned to Carly Rae Jepsen for inspiration.

According to spokesman Andrew Gavin, the staff was "trying find a creative (although corny) and timely way to use current pop culture to get a kid’s attention and stand out when they might be getting bombarded with texts and pictures from coaches." Consider the mission accomplished. Wardle's "call me!" look is an absolute winner.

Whether it will help the Phoenix land recruits is another matter entirely. But in entertained yours truly on a Friday, for whatever that's worth. And at least Wardle didn't make a lip dub. We can all be appreciative of that.