South Carolina trustee likes Haiti idea

The other day, college hoops blog Storming The Floor came up with an idea: Since South Carolina was stuck paying a $25,000 fine to the SEC for storming the court after their thrilling, totally storm-worthy win over No. 1 Kentucky Tuesday night, why not put that money to a good cause? Why not donate it to the Haiti relief efforts? Haiti sure needs it more than the SEC, and it's the perfect opportunity for conference president Mike Silve to turn a little harsh discipline into a positive story.

Turns out we bloggers aren't the only ones who like the idea: USC trustee Chuck Allen, a former Gamecocks football player, had the same thought. Allen's plan is to speak with South Carolina president Harris Pastides and then take it to the SEC itself for approval.

“That’s unexpected revenue that, but for some exuberance from our fans, our conference wouldn’t be receiving anyway,” Allen said Thursday. “It seems like it’d be a nice, goodwill gesture.”

Allen's right. It would be a nice gesture, the SEC probably doesn't need $25,000 (every little bit helps the bottom line, I guess, but $25,000 pales in comparison with the SEC's $2.25 billion broadcast rights deal), and the SEC can even net some positive press on the exchange. There's is no reason why this shouldn't happen.