Arkansas' Fortson leaves early, signs agent

The list of players who are leaving early for the NBA keeps growing. The list of players who are making questionable decisions in doing so grows right along with it.

The latest addition to this list is Arkansas guard Courtney Fortson, who not only declared for the NBA draft but went through with hiring an agent late last night. Fortson would have been able to return to the Razorbacks by May 8 if he had declined to hire representation. Now, with an agent in the loop, Fortson is stuck in the draft for good.

This is fine for a guy like, oh, John Wall, who could be represented by a small turtle and still net millions of dollars in June. It's a bad thing for a guy like Fortson, because there is a strong possibility Fortson won't be drafted. ESPN Insider's Chad Ford currently projects Fortson in that dreaded "second round to undrafted" category. He's the No. 119-ranked player on Ford's list. It's not hard to see why. Fortson is lightning quick and a talented scorer, but he's undersized at 5-foot-11 and commits too many turnovers -- nearly one per assist -- to be a truly effective point guard at the NBA level. To be blunt, Fortson isn't quite ready. But he's stuck in the draft anyway.

Every year this happens -- a player or two gets really, really bad information and overrates himself way too much, costing him his best option for returning to school when the outcome of that player's draft position is still in question. Fortson is this year's best example. In an ideal world, he'd come back for another year, test the waters next spring, and choose whether or not to go pro based on his projected position. Some players belong in the NBA as soon as possible. Courtney Fortson isn't yet one of them.