3-point shot: Still no Big East commish

1. The new Big East athletic directors and coaches will meet next week in Palm Beach, Fla. But they still don't have a commissioner, let alone an office, a schedule and compliance bylaws and staff. Athletic directors are getting anxious that a commissioner hasn't been named yet. Presidents are running the show and keeping the ADs in the dark. The athletic directors wanted a commissioner yesterday, or at the very least in time for next week's meeting. But that may not be possible. If not then former Big 12 commissioner and conference advisor Dan Beebe will run the meeting. Competition in the conference starts in August in fall sports.

2. Conference USA is meeting in Destin, Fla., this week and the coaches are trying to get the league to switch its current stance and have all 16 schools -- instead of just 12 -- at the conference tournament in El Paso in March 2014. The league added Charlotte and Old Dominion for the upcoming season after losing Memphis to the American conference. Tulsa, East Carolina and Tulane will leave for the American conference in 2014 but the league will add Western Kentucky. That means Conference USA will go from 16 schools down to 14. The question for the athletic directors will be whether they are willing to bring everyone to the tournament site.

3. The ACC meetings began Monday with the athletic directors. The coaches arrived later in the day to start talking Tuesday. Future ACC tournament sites will be discussed. The ACC has a golden opportunity to penetrate the New York market by looking at the Barclays Center as an option beyond the Greensboro Coliseum in the middle of North Carolina. Madison Square Garden is locked up for the new Big East. The Greensboro Coliseum is slated for the ACC through 2015. Atlanta, Charlotte, Tampa, Washington D.C., and Greensboro is also an option beyond '15. Having New York in the rotation would be a smart, shrewd move by the ACC with Syracuse, Notre Dame, Pitt and in a year, Louisville joining the conference. The ACC will have a huge northern influence, not to mention plenty of alumni in the New York area.