Wainwright still has sense of humor

This is a few days old now, but that's probably incidentally relevant -- the Big East tournament has moved on (and entertainingly so) without DePaul, just as college basketball has moved on without former DePaul coach Jerry Wainwright. Both are yesterday's news, figuratively, and in this case, literally.

Still, I can't resist. Jerry Wainwright is hilarious. To wit, his quote to Chicago Tribune reporter David Haugh from earlier this week, after DePaul had been eliminated from postseason play:

In the difficult days after DePaul's decision to fire him as men's basketball coach Jan. 11, Jerry Wainwright's wife, Debbie, recommended the couple decompress somewhere remote.

Ashamed of nothing and still hobbling around on crutches after breaking his tibia during his final game on the DePaul bench, Wainwright initially balked at the idea.

"She said she wanted to go someplace she never has been, so I suggested the kitchen,'' Wainwright deadpanned Tuesday on the phone. "She didn't like that. So I broke my leg in my last game, lost my job a few days later and was sleeping on the couch in the same week. In horseracing, they'd call that the trifecta. I should have gone to Arlington Park.''

Zing! See, I told you Jerry Wainwright was hilarious. I have one request for a marginal school looking for a coach in the coming weeks. (Here's looking at you, Auburn.) Hire Wainwright. What's the worst that could happen? The man is a capable coach who caught a bad situation at DePaul -- can anyone win at DePaul? -- and even if he doesn't turn your program around, Wainwright will be good for at least one vaguely sexist, outdated, and ultimately funny comment per week. There has to be a place for this man in college basketball. We can't let him retire to Arlington Park just yet.