Coach reminds Olek Czyz about Duke

Nevada coach David Carter got a chance to roast his players over dinner at a booster recent event and didn't hold back, according to the Reno Gazette-Journal.

"You may feel all sorry for them, that I'm saying these things, but don't you worry, they make fun of me and my bald head all season," said Nevada men's basketball coach David Carter on Wednesday night, as he went through his team roster roasting players.

"Are you standing?" he joked with Derrell Conner, a 6-foot recruit that he mocked all night for his size.

To Olek Czyz, the Reno High graduate who transferred to Nevada from Duke last year: "You should have stayed three more months," referring to the National NCAA Championship.

Ouch, and especially so on the needling of Czyz, who's already been the subject of his former team having some fun over the transfer.

At a charity event in May hosted by Jon Scheyer, Duke's team poster was turned into a photo opportunity that allowed fans to stick their heads where Czyz's was cut out.

The 6-foot-7 forward should be eligible to play for the Wolf Pack beginning in December and probably could have done without the reminder that he missed out on being a part of a national championship.

But at Nevada, more time on the court could be in store for him after averaging about 10 minutes in six games and two starts at Duke.

"Nobody really knows yet what their role is going to be," Czyz told the Nevada Appeal. "It really is an open battle."