Fran Dunphy waving farewell to mustache

This summer, Old Dominion coach Blaine Taylor made a sudden and seemingly rash choice: He decided to shave his mustache.

There was no real reason, other than preference, for Taylor's shedding; he had been thinking about shaving it for a while, he said, and decided to finally pull the trigger.

This week, we'll lose another of college hoops' truly great pieces of facial hair. On Tuesday, Temple announced in a brief release that coach Fran Dunphy was also planning to shave his trademark mustache. According to the school, the shaving "will mark the first time in 40 years (1971) that the Owls’ coach will have a clean upper lip." That's a long and storied mustache history. So why is he shaving it now?

The answer is simple enough: Dunphy is shaving it to honor former player Dionte Christmas's graduation. Christmas will be present for the, ahem, ceremony, which will take place Thursday morning in a media event on Temple's campus.

It's always sad to see a veteran mustache go by the wayside, but at least Dunphy has a reason for his move. The mustache deserves that much.