Drake student proves value of luck

Everybody loves a good halfcourt shot. You know what's even better than making a halfcourt shot? Making one at the buzzer, in front of a crowd of your peers, to win a new truck ... after you brick your first two layups.

That's what Drake's Even Alex Tillinghast did at the school's Bulldog Madness event Tuesday night. And yes, the video is glorious.

There are few things worse than going to a game (or a Madness event) and watching as someone with zero discernible basketball skill is chosen to shoot the contest shots. Their form is all wrong. You could do so much better. What makes Tillinghast's halfcourt make so amazing -- besides the timing of the buzzer, which is the stuff of driveway dreams -- is that he starts off like one of those poor overmatched souls. You can't afford to miss one layup, let alone two. You need as many cracks at the halfcourt shot as possible, man, you can't just -- actually, nevermind!

Tillinghast has done us a great service. On the eve of a new season, he's reminded us that putting an orange ball through a metal cylinder is often as much a function of dumb luck as well-honed skill. The fates make fools of us all.