Join our tournament challenge

I know, I know: You're inundated with ESPN.com Tournament Challenge invitations. Your office administrator had his set up on Sunday night. That random dude you met once in college who you never defriended on Facebook because that's awkward -- oh yeah, he wants you, too. Plus, you have to take on LeBron James. I get it. Too many tournament challenges, too little time.

But you should definitely join the ESPN.com College Basketball Nation blog group. Why? Because we here at the ESPN.com college hoops desk tend to think we know a few things about college basketball. We definitely know more than LeBron. (Dude didn't even play college basketball. OK, so neither did we. But still.) If your bracket beats mine -- or Andy's or Dana's or Jason's or Myron's or any of our writers, editors and staffers -- you get a truly impressive set of bragging rights. You get to say you know more than we do about college basketball. You can say that anytime you want, of course, but this time you'd have a data point to back it up.

Also: You can join up to 10 tourney challenge groups on ESPN.com, so it's not like we're taxing your resources.

Also also: If my recent bracket performance is any indication, you are definitely going to beat me. It's hard to finish worse than "last."

Another item of note: After each weekend, we hope to interview the overall standings leader. We'll discuss your bracketing methodology, or lack thereof, as well as ... oh, I don't know, anything else you want to get off your chest? We'll see how it goes.

So hit the link and come on down. It's the most wonderful time of the year.

(And seriously: You're definitely going to beat me. It never fails.)