The SWAC dunk you have to see

The Southwestern Athletic Conference is not a place from which viral videos frequently emanate. Frankly, it's not a place from which news of any sort frequently emanates. Until the play-in game (now games) roll(s) around in March, the SWAC -- frequently the worst conference in college hoops, for reasons often outside its own control -- is out of sight and out of mind.

But every so often, lightning strikes, brilliance ensues, and someone has the foresight to record it on video and get it on the Internet. Today, we have that video.

It's been four days since Arkansas Pine-Bluff and Grambling squared off (a 60-55 Grambling win Saturday), but video of Savalace Townsend's absolutely ridiculous dunk over a Grambling State defender has officially made its way to YouTube (via the online repository that is World Star Hip-Hop.) And oh, is it ever so good. [Click here to watch.]

Insane, right? Townsend takes off from just a foot or two inside the free throw line, catches contact from the defender, and still somehow skies the ball high enough -- and stretches that left arm like Michael Jordan in "Space Jam" -- in time to slam the thing home and set the crowd alight. Incredible dunk.

Even more incredible, perhaps, is not only that Arkansas-Pine Bluff and Grambling State had a decent-sized crowd, but that this video -- which seems to have been filmed professionally, but it's hard to tell -- made its way to the Internet at all. But thank goodness it did. (Then again, in 2012, maybe we should always expect as much.) Either way, I'd rather not imagine a world in which I didn't just watch that YouTube link 10 times in a row. I shudder at the thought.

(Hat tip: The dunk aficionados at Ballin' Is A Habit)