Gaming board probing Marcus Jordan

The $35,000 Marcus Jordan tweet refuses to go away.

Last week, UCF sophomore Marcus Jordan apologized for posting a tweet that said he and his brother Jeffrey had a "stupid" night at Haze, a Las Vegas nightclub, where Jordan said they spent "35k." It was a silly mistake -- Jordan is 19, and thus isn't allowed to spend any amount of money in a Las Vegas club. Nor should he have been publicizing his family's excess, because that's just kind of lame.

But it turns out the tweet could be more serious than a mere nish-nish from Michael and Juanita Jordan. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal's Vegas Confidential column, the Nevada Gaming Control Board is now investigating the matter. At issue, of course, is whether the underage Jordan was drinking and gambling:

The Nevada Gaming Control Board on Friday confirmed it is involved. At issue is whether Marcus Jordan, 19, was drinking alcohol or gambling. Gaming Control board member Randall Sayre said MGM Resorts International is in the early stages of an inquiry to see "where the system broke down."

Sayre said the board was quickly informed of the matter by MGM, the parent company of CityCenter.

Whether or not that inquiry will yield any consequences for Marcus Jordan is unclear. But it is another reminder that tweeting your activities -- especially when those activities are illegal, and especially when you're the newsworthy son of basketball's greatest and most famous player ever -- is not a particularly wise idea.