Frustrations continue for Arkansas State

Arkansas State coach John Brady could only watch last month as Sun Belt Conference freshman of the year Brandon Reed parlayed his big season at the school into a transfer to a bigger-name program in Georgia Tech.

And after Brady thought he had a backcourt replacement in Jay-R Strowbridge, a Jacksonville State transfer who could gain immediate eligibility, even that might fall through after Strowbridge learned about an NCAA investigation into the program.

"Nobody told me these things before I got there, and I felt that maybe if the coaches would have been up front about things that it might have been different," Strowbridge told the Jonesboro Sun, adding that he was leaving the program. "I felt that this was a trust and honesty issue."

Brady told the Associated Press that it was not his intent to mislead anybody. The matters leading to the investigation into the program's possible academic fraud violation predate Brady's time at the school.

Arkansas State athletic director Dean Lee has released a statement disputing Strowbridge's comments to the Sun that there was a high possibility of a postseason ban for the team, saying that he never told Strowbridge such a thing because he in fact does not expect potential NCAA sanctions to include a postseason ban.

It's all a big mess, really.