Rutgers coach sorry about Louisville loss

Rutgers is having a rough season under first-year coach Mike Rice, as the Scarlet Knights slipped a game under .500 and fell to 4-7 in the Big East after only managing to score only 37 points in a home loss to Louisville on Tuesday.

In the postgame news conference, Rice showed just how embarrassed he was by the team's effort and said sorry.

"I just said on the radio, 'I should be out in the parking lot right now and apologizing.' It's as simple as that," Rice said. "We have sad individuals on our team. It was the first time all year that guys were sad, that something was going wrong. There wasn't a whole lot of voices speaking up in the huddle, so I told them, 'Great season, you tried your hardest and good luck with the seniors.' I know we have three games left, but if that's the performance we want to do, then we'll pack it in...I've never had a team do that on me.

"To come out and do this...Again, I want to apologize to the students who came, I want to apologize to people. It’s a shame that they have this much pride in Rutgers basketball and that our guys and our coaching staff couldn't put on a better performance on national television."

How bad was it for Rutgers? The Scarlet Knights shot 29.5 percent from the field, made only 13 field goals, and scored the fewest points in a game since 2007. They've now lost seven of their past eight games and three in a row.

The 18-point loss left the players frustrated as well, according to ESPN New York.

"Yeah, [we don't have anything left in the tank at this point]," said senior forward Jonathan Mitchell , who mustered a mere four points on 2-for-8 from the floor. "It's frustrating because I am one of the seniors and I do have three [or] four games left in my career.

"It's frustrating. Maybe [coach is trying to] send a message, maybe [his feelings are] it's true. I don't know what his method is at this point. All I can do is play my game and on Sunday come out with a win."