Jimmer and Jorts try some other sports

Wearing his trademark jean shorts and smile, Josh Harrellson tried his hand at tennis on Tuesday as part of a celebrity doubles match that included Kentucky assistant coach Orlando Antigua.

The results were predictable, meaning Harrellson got laughs for the way he dressed and attempted to channel his inner Novak Djokovic in imitating a tennis player, according to the Lexington Herald-Leader.

"I suck at tennis, so I at least have to look goofy," he said.

He wasn't kidding about his tennis skills, but he said the last time he played was in middle school.

Clearly not knowing the rules, Harrellson stumbled around while chasing balls all over the court, often hitting them into the net or out of bounds.

He barely made contact with the ball on one shot, which prompted him to jokingly complain about having a broken racket. He followed that up by launching a shot into the stands.

With the NBA lockout in full swing, Harrellson joked he might try other sports a la Chad Ochocinco and take up golf. Over the weekend, former BYU star Jimmer Fredette did just that at a American Century Celebrity Golf Championship and did something he doesn't do often.

The Jimmer finished last.

In fact, on the final day Fredette was paired up with the second-worst golfer there and heard trash talk from none other than Charles Barkley.

Fredette's best hole on Saturday was a bogey on the par-3 12th. He stopped his 5-iron approach 10 feet above the hole, but three-putted to tie Barkley, who one-putted after a chip from across the cart path and through a stand of pine trees.

"You don’t have no short game like mine, so don’t be trying any of those shots," Barkley heckled Fredette after leaving himself a 5-footer for bogey.

It's good that Fredette and Harrellson are able to have some fun and laugh at themselves during an odd time in their careers when they've experienced the high of getting drafted and now have no contact with their teams.

Fredette will manage, of course. Shortly after his last-place performance, he held a kids camp and showed off the skill that made him famous.

Thanks to footage from BYUtv, even in the offseason, Fredette is scoring from Jimmer range.