Afternoon Links: Patterson snubbed, too

What we’re reading while we take a moment to get caught up on the NBA. (How is it the All-Star break already?!) Submit links via Twitter.

  • Think Joel Embiid was the biggest snub from Wednesday’s midseason Wooden list? Think again: “McDermott was a first-team All-American last season, but who could have possibly foreseen the senior year that Lamar Patterson is having for Pittsburgh? Patterson wasn't even honorable mention All-Big East in 2012-13. In fact it's conceivable that by the end of the season Patterson may rise to the top of this list as my national player of the year.”

  • “He sees the brass ring, like three inches away from his nose. He knows all he has to do is keep his nose to the grindstone for another couple of months, and there’s a really good possibility he might be able to go pro.” That’s what Paul Stauskas, father of Michigan guard (and sudden Big Ten player of the year candidate) Nik Stauskas, told SI.com’s Brian Hamilton after the Wolverines’ 77-70 win at Wisconsin last weekend. The Stauskii were no doubt high on adrenaline after Nik’s ruthless performance, but still, “another couple of months” is the kind of quote that might get on Michigan coaches’ — not to mention Michigan fans’ — nerves. It’s also a reminder that Stauskas’s breakout season has earned plenty of notice from NBA front offices.

  • Michigan State redshirt freshman Kenny Kaminski probably would have had his come-from-nowhere moment even earlier, were it not for his poor defense. Which is why Tom Izzo singled Kaminski out for post-practice work before the Spartans turned it into a moment of solidarity.

  • Dana O’Neil checks in with a fun dispatch from Tucson, Ariz., and a revelation about Aaron Gordon that boggles the mind.

  • A clean and colorful mockup of Creighton’s shot chart against Villanova reveals that not only did Creighton make 21 3s in a game, but that 18 of them — 18!!! — came from behind the NBA line. Two days later and the Jays are still finding new and unique ways to pour water on my brain circuits. Unreal. (HT: r/CollegeBasketball, where Villanova fans can only respond in gif form. Naturally.)