3-point shot: BYU an extremely tough 14

1. The selection committee said BYU and Iona were 14 seeds because of the need to have the Cougars play into a Thursday-Saturday regional if they won. But they also wanted to make sure the Cougars weren’t near a WCC team or out West (too far to travel from Dayton). So that limited the Cougs and dumped them in nearby Louisville. But it also means that Marquette is getting one of the best 14 seeds that a No. 3 seed has seen with the Cougars coming back to beat Iona.

2. Western Kentucky fans have been hammering me on twitter about my criticism of firing Ken McDonald mid-season. I’m not against McDonald being canned. I understand that the situation had gotten out of control. And, yes, Ray Harper did a tremendous job to get Western Kentucky through the Sun Belt tournament title and then to come back against Mississippi Valley State. But unless there are extenuating circumstances, I still don’t like college coaches being fired prior to the end of the season. Let’s also remember, this isn’t the pros. It is extremely disruptive mid-year.

3. One of my pet peeves occurred multiple times during our 68 coaches show Tuesday in Charlotte. It’s not the best 68 teams. It’s the top 37. The selection committee isn’t putting together the best 68 teams. If you were confused then all you had to do was watch the first First Four Tuesday night.