Connecticut doesn't back down

NEW YORK -- Twenty minutes into a highly chaotic and entertaining game between Connecticut and Kentucky, it's impossible not to be impressed with the Huskies. Kentucky looked like an NBA team in the first four minutes, pitching a 12-0 shutout as John Wall razzle-dazzled his way up and down the floor.

A lot of teams would have fallen apart, but Connecticut, a team still searching for its identity, more than stayed with the cause and went on a 26-6 romp. In the process, UConn exposed the one weakness Kentucky has: youth. The Wildcats are ridiculously talented, but they're kids. They've never played in this sort of atmosphere before and even the older guys have never really played in a big game away from home. Connecticut has. The Huskies have guys who have been in hostile environments and in big games, even in this building.

I'll be curious to see how the Wildcats respond in the second half. Having Wall back in the lineup will help -- he took a seat with 7:56 left thanks to two fouls -- but remember, Wall was in the game as UConn mounted its charge.