Duke professor releases trick shot video

At Duke, it's not only Kyle Singler who has a trick shot video of himself getting buckets all over campus. Even a Duke professor is getting into the act.

Robert Kamei, the vice dean of education at the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School in Singapore, attempted to channel his inner Singler in a video called, "Bob Gets Buckets Too."

Kamei doesn't get to make a shot from the top of a chapel, but does manage to connect from the ninth floor of the medical school -- about 100 feet high.

He earns praise from Duke president Richard Brodhead and even coach Mike Krzyzewski, who muses, "How the heck did we miss this guy?"

The video was put together in order to align Dukes basketball's reputation with the medical school's and encourage prospective students to apply. "Let your impossible become reality" is the message.

If a professor can sink a shot from 100 feet out, it's hard to argue with that.