The Terps-Hoyas rivalry needs to happen

There was some good news, and then some not-so-good news, for fans of Maryland, Georgetown and thrilling rivalry basketball this week.

First came the good news, wherein new Maryland athletic director Kevin Anderson told the Washington Times that he was "in a serious conversation" with Georgetown AD Lee Reed about reviving the long-dormant Maryland-Georgetown rivalry with a scheduled home-and-home series agreement. Despite their proximity and rabid fan bases, the two schools last played in a regular-season nonconference game in 1993. That dearth has not only robbed fans of bragging rights-worthy hoops. It's also left a large chunk of money on the table.

So, hey, great news, right?

Not so fast, actually. On Wednesday, an apparently perturbed Reed released a statement through a Georgetown spokesman that effectively smothered Anderson's announcement in a large, soggy blanket:

“Kevin and I are friends and athletic directors,” Reed said through a university spokesman. “We’ve had conversations about scheduling possibilities, but it was far too preliminary a talk for it to be the subject for newspaper articles. It’s inappropriate to prematurely blow this out of proportion.”

In other words: "Don't get too excited, because nothing's happening yet, and man, I really wish Kevin hadn't said anything to you guys. Now everyone's going to be mad if this doesn't work out. Nice going, Kevin."

To be fair, both programs have gotten along just fine without playing the D.C.-area rivalry game for almost two decades now. This isn't a defining proposition. But it's also one that need not be bogged down by politics or posturing. It's pretty simple: Fans want it. It would make both programs money. It would be on TV. It would be exciting. What more could the Terps or the Hoyas ask for? Another guarantee game against Chicago State?

Come on, fellas: Just get it done.