Oregon could take an APR hit, too

Oregon already has a shortage of scholarship players, and on top of that, the four transferring players who led to it could cause the program to face APR penalties including a reduction in scholarships, according to The Oregonian.

"We're not anticipating this will do us any favors," said Bill Clever, Oregon's director of compliance. "It's not going to raise our APR, certainly, and I don't know that we've started to project what it will be yet."

Oregon's current APR (Academic Progress Rate) for men’s basketball is 944. That's a four-year average, by which the NCAA enforces academic progress, and it contains the 870 score the program earned in 2008-09.

Another score of 870 or below for 2009-10 would drop the team's APR below 925.

Aside from Josh Crittle, Drew Wiley, Matthew Humphrey, Jamil Wilson leaving the program after Oregon fired Ernie Kent, it doesn't help that the academic eligibility of guard LeKendric Longmire is in question as well.

Oregon is also currently looking into whether or not at least one former member of the team accepted extra benefits, and if anything is found, scholarships could be docked from that as well.

So yes, add maintaining a good APR score as another thing the Ducks should concern themselves with while they struggle to stay sane from suffering through one of the worst offseasons in college basketball.