Luther Vandross is back, baby

Oh, come on, admit it already. You like "One Shining Moment."

Sure, the song is cheesy. Sure, it was cheesy when it was written, which was decades ago, when relative cheesiness was even harder to achieve. And yet, "One Shining Moment" lives on. That's because you love "One Shining Moment" whether you choose to admit it or not.

Thing is, "One Shining Moment" only works on the cheesiest levels possible. You can't try to gloss it up for a newer generation. That was the mistake made by CBS last year, when the network paid Jennifer Hudson what one imagines was an ungodly sum to update the classic post-tournament anthem for a 2010 audience. The audience was less than pleased: Hudson's "Moment" song was met with immediate scorn and derision. That scorn and derision may have been ironic (much like the majority of this blog post), but it was there all the same.

Which is why it's fantastic (read: moderately intriguing, I suppose) to learn that CBS is ditching Hudson and going back to good old Luther Vandross version. The official line on the change comes via the Houston Chronicle:

Harold Bryant, CBS Sports' vice president for production, said Tuesday that network executives elected to go back to the Vandross version, which was used for seven years before CBS rolled out a new version by Jennifer Hudson in 2010.

"Both versions are great. She [Hudson] did a great job," Bryant said. "We just felt like we wanted to go back to Luther."

"It's not you, Jennifer. It's us. You were great. We just ... we didn't appreciate Luther when we had him, is all. We know that now, and we owe that knowledge to you. The heart wants what the heart wants."

It's good to have you back, Luther. We'll see you Sunday.