Butler helps Washington Generals lose by 19

Butler seniors Avery Jukes, Willie Veasley and Nick Rodgers signed one-game contracts to help the Washington Generals of all teams take on the Harlem Globetrotters.

Not surprisingly, the Globetrotters won again 70-51, with the players making their cameos by playing five minutes in the first half and then calling it a night.

ESPN Page 2 covered the game, and reported the Butler players also got needled by one of the Globetrotters.

During their on-court cameo, Jukes missed a dunk, but managed to score a less-than-contested close range lay-up. Rodgers took three shots, one less than he attempted all season, missing all three, and Veasley settled for a 2-for-2 performance from the free-throw line despite Special K Daley's best efforts at distraction.

"You all were a lot better on TV," Special K joked.