Oklahoma State senior sacrifices full ride

Oklahoma State guard Nick Sidorakis was recently named a senior captain, and coach Travis Ford is now commending him on taking one for the team by voluntarily giving up his scholarship.

Sidorakis averaged career-highs of 12.6 minutes, 2.5 points and 1.3 rebounds as a junior, and according to the Tulsa World, this particular contribution bails the Cowboys out of a numbers crunch.

The Cowboys oversigned by two in their latest recruiting class. Post player Torin Walker, who spent his freshman season at OSU, transferred to Middle Tennessee State. And Sidorakis, a scholarship player during his first three seasons, solved the numbers problem by surrendering his scholarship.

"Nick kind of brought it up," said Ford when asked how the arrangement was reached. "It's the ultimate sacrifice and commitment to a program, what he is doing."

Ford said Sidorakis expressed a willingness to do whatever he could to help the program. Ford described it as an "incredible gesture" by Sidorakis and his family. Sidorakis father is the general manager at Southern Hills Country Club.

But should it have come down to Sidorakis using fortunate financial situation to possibly save the scholarship of one of his teammates?

Asked if the freed up scholarship saved him from making a difficult decision, Ford told the paper, "I never really thought about it. It usually always works itself out."