Roy Williams: Kansas wounds have healed

All in all, things have worked out pretty well for Kansas fans since Roy Williams left the program in 2003. Williams has won two national championships at North Carolina. The Jayhawks, now consistent winners under Bill Self, won one. Both programs are among the elite, nationally recognized teams each year; you can't go wrong being a fan of either.

Given that, you'd tend to think the anger many Kansas fans felt for Williams for leaving the program so abruptly in 2003 would have begun to wane. I mean, breakups happen. Everyone moves on eventually, right?

If this blog's comments section is any indication, that has not been the case. Which is why it's not surprising to learn that Williams has largely eschewed returns to Kansas since 2003. In fact, Sunday brought one of his first returns to the state since the move. Why did Williams go back to Jayhawks-land? For a celebrity golf match with Kansas coach Bill Self. From the Kansas City Star:

Maybe lying low was by design. Maybe it wasn’t. Either way, Sunday morning’s celebrity pro-am skins game, staged to bring attention to the grand opening of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation’s Firekeeper Golf Course, was going to be revealing with Williams and Bill Self on competing teams. [...] Williams, carrying a North Carolina golf bag and wearing white and Tar Heel-blue Foot Joy shoes, gave his old buddy [golf pro Randy] Towner just enough help to put Self and [PGA Tour member Notah] Begay away four skins to two. During the two-plus hours it took to play the back nine, one thing was plainly clear to Williams, whose good shots were met with cheers and whose one-liners drew hearty laughter all day long.

“Time heals a lot of things,” Williams said.

I have another theory. Maybe people couldn't bring themselves to insult Williams in person because he and Self were both wearing thoroughly awesome traditional Native American shawl-blanket things. It's pretty hard to shout obscenities at a guy dressed like this. Or this.

More likely: Williams is right. Time heals things. And national championships don't hurt, either.