Mick Cronin keeps Rashad Bishop suspended

This offseason, Tom Izzo basically wrote the book on vaguely suspending and dismissing players; his eventual farewell to veteran guard Chris Allen came and went without much explanation by either Allen or Izzo. In the end, Izzo said he had "obligations" for Allen to fill, and Allen didn't fill them. End of story, I guess.

Coincidentally, Cincinnati coach Mick Cronin has a similar situation on his hands. The player in question this time is Rashad Bishop, a senior forward who was suspended before the Big East tournament in March and has remained on suspension throughout the summer. It's been a few months now, and Cincinnati is starting the camp/prep/Canadian exhibition tour portion of its offseason, and Bishop's situation remains up in the air. Worse yet, Cronin informed Bishop his scholarship isn't going to be renewed.

That seems bad on its face, but Cronin remains optimistic about Bishop's eventual return. From the Cincinnati Enquirer:

But Mick Cronin said it’s possible that Bishop could be reinstated in time to participate in this camp and to play in Canada.

“If gets back in the graces, he’ll have it, but he wasn’t officially renewed,” Cronin said. “He had the option to leave but he chose to stay. I’d love nothing more than for him to be a part of (the program)." [...]

Cronin said he gets asked all the time what Bishop did to get suspended. He said it was not one transgression that led to the suspension, but an accumulation of things that had to be dealt with. “If it was a one-time incident you would deal with it and move one,” Cronin said.

Like the Izzo-Allen situation, whatever Bishop did was apparently bad enough to get him in hot, tenuous water for an entire summer, and bad enough to cause a loss of scholarship ... but not bad enough to get him officially booted from the team. That doesn't really narrow things down.

Really, whatever Bishop did is beside the point. It will be more interesting to see how Cronin proceeds, whether Bishop can make it back on the team in time for the Bearcats' season, and if not, how his loss will affect a program looking to regain some measure of prominence in the Big East. In other words: Wait and see.