Xavier's Mack takes to the Internet

Xavier coach Chris Mack isn't messing around.

See, Xavier's students are away on spring break right now, which is untimely for the basketball program. The Musketeers are tied for first place in the A-10 at 11-2, alongside Temple and Richmond, the latter comes to Xavier Sunday afternoon. It's a big game, and the students won't be there to create the sort of atmosphere requisite of the event.

That hasn't deterred Mack, though. Instead of lamenting the lost students, Mack took to Xavier message forum MusketeerMadness.com and enlisted Xavier's general population fans in the cause of making tomorrow's game "the loudest in the history of the Cintas Center." This is undeniably cool:

for the LOUDEST game ever in the history of the Cintas Center. You say NO students. I say NO excuse. We need our fans to be a TRUE 6th man this Sunday at 1pm. Our team needs you early. Our team needs you loud. If you're just going to come to the game to watch, give your tickets up. Heck, you can WATCH from home. I want our arena rocking!! Calling all PARTICIPANTS. This isn't a marketing ploy. This is your head coach, sitting at his home computer asking for the best fans in the country to come alive for 40 game minutes on Sunday LIKE NEVER BEFORE.

Xavier fans have responded in kind, leaving message after message in response to Mack's post -- the thread spans six pages and 58 posts as of this writing -- almost uniformly pledging their vocal chords to Mack's request.

Xavier fans, you officially have an excuse to act like college kids at a basketball game. These opportunities don't come along often. Enjoy it.