3-point shot: Playoffs in the Ivy League

1.The Ivy League is once again discussing whether it is prudent to have a conference tournament. What may be more pressing is to have a set plan for a playoff. Ivy commissioner Robin Harris said she can see the push for a possible playoff as the league continues to get better. I don’t think the Ivy should have a playoff. The Ivy needs to have its best teams represented. Check the Sun Belt where Middle Tennessee State would have given a better effort than Western Kentucky. The Ivy coaches want a tournament, the ADs are mixed. But it’s the presidents' call.

2.Rick Stansbury’s “retirement" shouldn’t come as a shock as a change was likely to happen at Mississippi State. Stansbury could have been out last year after that train wreck (handling of Renardo Sidney, schedule) of a season. The Bulldogs seemed to have righted themselves this season with the early play of UTEP transfer Arnett Moultrie. But from afar it appeared Stansbury had lost this group. A new voice was probably needed in Starkville. But this job will get increasingly difficult with the additions of Missouri and Texas A&M in the SEC, two schools that can affect recruiting adversely for Mississippi State.

3.UAB coach Mike Davis won’t know his fate until next week when he meets with the athletic director. But there are ominous signs. Why? He did make the NCAA tournament last season, didn’t he? These jobs in leagues like the hybrid MWC-CUSA aren’t easy and changing coaches too often isn’t a recipe for success.