Courtstorm Central: Students at Oklahoma State and St. Bonaventure revel in victories

For some reason, college students storming a court after a big win has become quite a polarizing subject in recent years. The court-storming police among Twitter's "get off my lawn" crowd criticize just about every attempt except when a No. 1 team falls or something extraordinary happens.

Well, we here at Courtstorm Central happen to enjoy a good postgame celebration and don't like putting strict rules on when and where and how college students can have a little fun basking in the joy of a sport we all love.

So naturally, we were tickled to see the kids at St. Bonaventure and Oklahoma State put together a pair of impressive storms within minutes of each other.

The first came at the Reilly Center in the Allegheny foothills of southwestern New York, where St. Bonaventure won its second straight game at the buzzer -- a 73-71 win over No. 18 VCU after winning at Davidson in similar fashion earlier this week. Watch the madness from the perspective of two fans, one who stayed in the stands and one who did not.

Marcus Posley's buzzer beater to upset #18 VCU!!! #Bonnies

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The victory was so exciting that even a friar got caught up in the pandemonium. Fr. Dan Riley is a popular figure at the Franciscan Catholic university and you better believe he was right in the middle of the courtstorm.

Next up was Stillwater, Oklahoma, where the Cowboys beat No. 8 Kansas 67-62. It was their fifth home win against KU in the last eight meetings, but the Jayhawks are still the kings of the Big 12 and the Oklahoma State students were in a mood to celebrate. And celebrate they did.

As with the Bonnies, here's some perspective from the stands and also what it felt like to rush the court.

Down goes Kansas! #okstate

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Stormed the court after upsetting #8 Kansas 67-62! Best game yet! Go pokes! #OKState @kmoney662 @hanson__man

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O-S-U, O-S-U, O-S-U! #OKState

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