Hey, what's Teddy Dupay up to?

Oh, you know, the normal stuff: Hanging out. Going to work. Trying to get marijuana legalized in Utah. Wait ... what?

Last time you asked that question -- what's up with Teddy Dupay these days? -- the likely answer had something to do with a rape charge. Or maybe a job as a telemarketer in Utah. Or maybe a still-going-strong anti-Teddy Dupay Facebook group. Yes, the former Florida star has led an, um, interesting post-basketball life, and his story has taken yet another wacky turn, as Dupay has gone from felon to marijuana activist in the notoriously conservative Beehive State.

In a story headlined "Teddy Dupay Finally Finds Greener Grass" -- I see what they did there! -- FanHouse writer Chris Harry details the strange odyssey which has somehow led Dupay to the present day, where he passes out little business cards with pot leafs on them to cashiers at pizza parlors. You couldn't make this stuff up if you tried.

So that's what Teddy Dupay has been up to. Now you know. And, just like G.I. Joe used to say, knowing (that Teddy Dupay is one of those dudes who subscribes to High Times and bugs random strangers about the logistics of legalized weed) is half the battle.

(Update: SB Nation's Andrew Sharp has a pretty tremendous take on all this, including some solid Dupay video. Check it out.)