UAB does better in weird-looking road unis

UAB players in their new road uniforms might be difficult to identify given the black numbers on dark green jerseys, and yes, it does kind of appear they play for a new boy band called U2B.

But at least the Blazers won in those uniforms. After debuting the uniforms with a win at Middle Tennessee, the jerseys took so much heat that they went back to their old unis three days later playing at Arizona State.

The result? ASU's Ty Abbott hit a game-winning 3-pointer in the final seconds to beat a more identifiable UAB team.

The Birmingham News reported that the uniforms will return after the black numbers get some gold piping, but for now, it's an ugly situation (in a fashion sense).

Associate head coach Donnie Marsh blogged that he was taking responsibility for the uniform design, noting that while the players loved the new uniforms, he was getting comments about "U2B" and the difficulty in seeing the numbers once the players start sweating.

I guess I went a little too "Phil Knight" this time. At any rate, please don't blame anyone else. This one stops at my feet. But trust me, the uniforms won't dictate our effort.