Bryant winless no more

Time was running out on Bryant University. At 0-26, Tim O'Shea's team had just a few more games to avoid becoming one of college basketball's ultimate losers: a winless team.

Nevermind all that: Led by Vlad Kondratyev's 14 points on 6-of-6 shooting, Bryant took a 53-51 win from the Wagner Seahawks in Staten Island Thursday night. The last time the Bulldogs won was? Feb. 17, 2009, exactly one year and one day ago. Bryant managed to make it an entire calendar year between wins. This is not an easy feat.

It's over now, though, and surely O'Shea and company will feel relieved. And a bored underclassman at Bryant needs to draft up a "Vlad Perfect" t-shirt. Only it should be funnier than that. Whatever it is, just make sure it exists, kid. The Bryant Bulldogs are back.

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