Wright Thompson on Guerdwich Montimere

Longtime readers of this blog will remember the names Guerdwich Montimere (or "Montimer," as his social security card reportedly names him) and Jerry Joseph, and the strange story of a 22-year-old former Florida high school basketball player resurfacing in Odessa, Tex., with a new name and a new high school life. This is one of the more mindboggling, hard-to-fathom stories of the past five years; it has been the subject of ongoing media coverage in Texas and even a jailhouse profile in GQ.

And now, best of all, comes the work of Wright Thompson and ESPN's Outside The Lines:

I arrive in Odessa, Texas, flying low over black pump jacks, chasing the sort of weird, true crime story that often gets reporters on airplanes: A 16-year-old named Jerry Joseph, a basketball player at Permian High School of "Friday Night Lights" fame, has been found out as an impostor.

That's the first sentence. This just in: Thompson is pretty good at this whole writing thing.

Anyway, the story doesn't slow from there. Take the time out of your day, go enjoy, come back and discuss in the comments, whatever you want to do. It might set you back on work -- there's a reason my first post of the day is coming now as opposed to earlier this morning -- but it will be worth it at the end. Trust me.