Introducing the class: Raheem Falkins

Wide receiver Raheem Falkins plans to enroll early at Alabama. Miller Safrit/ESPN.com

Editor's note: This is a series introducing Alabama's 2013 recruiting class that will run through signing day.

Last week, Alabama picked up a commitment from Robert Foster, the nation’s No. 2 wide receiver, but many people forget the Crimson Tide already had Raheem Falkins (New Orleans/G.W. Carver), an ESPN 300 wide receiver, in the 2013 class. The 6-foot-4, 195-pound Falkins plans to enroll early and hopes to make the same type of impact that Amari Cooper made as a freshman.

Q: What made you commit to Alabama?

A: Alabama is a nice program from the top. They came, they recruited the hardest and they showed the most interest overall. I like the environment up there. There’s a lot of, lot of, lot of fans, and that’s something I’ve never been a part of. It’s going to continue to be a great program.

Q: What’s life been like since your commitment?

A: After I made my commitment early, schools have still tried to recruit me, but I’m not going anywhere. I want to be at Alabama, so they just backed off, and I kept working.

Q: When did you first meet Coach Saban? What was that like?

A: The first time I met him was in the summer -- not this past summer, but the summer before. It was an unofficial visit. I’d never met any other coaches before, and I got on the phone with Coach Burns, and he wanted me to get up there, me and my mom. I was shocked when I met him. It was a real honor to be sitting with him in his office. He told me what he’s doing, how many kids he’s produced and showed the way to be a good man.

Q: What’s your favorite Alabama memory to this point?

A: The camp. I had a real good time at the camp. That was the second-to-last time that I was up there, so my most fond memory [is] the camp. I had an awesome time.

Q: What’s your goal when you get to Alabama?

A: My goal is to focus in on what I’m trying to do in academics and on the football field, and hopefully I get to play. I want to make plays.

Q: Do you have a favorite play or memory from high school?

A: My favorite high school [memory] was our first playoff game this year. The team that we played we actually lost to in the season, so it kind of felt like we owed them one. We came out with the same game plan as usual. We just wanted it more than the first time. That’s when I saw that we were ready to play as a football team, as a real team. That was a big moment for me.

Favorite food: Gumbo

Dream car: Camaro

Number at Alabama: 12

Favorite NFL player: Marques Colston

Dream vacation: Hawaii

Hobby: I just like to chill, but most of the time, I’m working toward football and studying.

Music before a game: Jadakiss