Florida picks scab, pokes fun at LSU's spring-game cancelation

Breaking down LSU's spring game (1:49)

LSU's Purple team lead the White team 7-3 before the Tigers' spring game was suspended due to inclement weather. (1:49)

Whoever runs Florida's football Twitter account didn't have to be petty -- not late on a Saturday night.

But here we are with a Twitter account poking fun at LSU football for having to cancel its spring game before time expired because there was lightning in the area. As soon as the folks in Gainesville got wind of Tigers' misfortunes, the Gators came for LSU.

Just so disrespectful.

But we really shouldn't be surprised by any of this. These two programs have had a strained relationship since all drama that surrounding the postponement of last season's meeting. If you'll recall, the Florida-LSU game originally scheduled to be played in Gainesville on Oct. 8 was postponed because of the threat of Hurricane Matthew. The schools went back and forth, and eventually, the game was moved to Baton Rouge on Nov. 19.

However, before getting to that point, both sides had words about the other. First, with Florida refusing to play the game on Sunday or Monday or in Baton Rouge any of the early days following the original scheduled date, the narrative was that Florida was ducking LSU. Tigers athletic director Joe Alleva insinuated as much through email and made it very clear that LSU wasn't sacrificing a November home game for the Florida Gators. He pretty much drew a line in the sand, aiming to force the hands of people at Florida and at the SEC.

Well, after the SEC discovered that the rules state that a division winner must play the required eight conference games, former Florida AD Jeremy Foley gave into Alleva's demands and bought out Florida's Nov. 19 home game with Presbyterian to travel to the Bayou. But Foley wasn't just going to give up all his home-game revenue and force a hostile road trip on his staff and players without something in return. Foley got this season's game at LSU moved to Gainesville, giving Florida two consecutive home games against the Tigers (2017-18). To cap it off, Foley saw his injury-riddled Gators win the SEC East at Tiger Stadium with a buzzer-beating, 16-10 win on a goal-line stop.


We just can't wait to see what else these schools have to say about each other in the coming months.