Fulwood's mom talks Florida visit

GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- Five-star wide receiver prospect Ahmad Fulwood (Jacksonville, Fla./Bishop Kenny) visited Florida last Friday with his mother, Terri Fulwood, and his good friend and Florida safety commit Nick Washington (Jacksonville, Fla./Trinity Christian).

The visit was a chance for Terri to meet the Florida coaching staff and get a chance to see the Florida program up close. Though Terri said she enjoyed her visit, she made it clear the Gators will have their work cut out of them to win her over.

"It was OK," Terri Fulwood said. "The school was impressive. They have a very good educational program, I just don't think the school is a good fit for my son. Florida is going through some changes with the coaches, and what's the situation with the quarterbacks? I just think Florida is not a good fit for him other than the education, because I hear the education there is fantastic."

Fulwood said there is one school that is standing out to her right now.

"I think Clemson was a very good fit for him," she said. "I like Clemson, I like the coaches. I like the coaches at Florida too. I just think Clemson was a better program for him.

"I think it was a better fit. He [Ahmad] was saying that there is nothing to do in Clemson, it's boring, but I heard that Florida is a party town."

For Fulwood, she said there are key factors that will influence her decision on what school her son should select.

"I want him to get a very good education," she said. "I want him to be able to play, because I know that is really important to him. He's hung up on this 'I don't want to play in the ACC, I want to play in the SEC because the competition is better.' Let's say you make it to the NFL level, I think if you're good they will find you, it doesn't matter what conference you are in. He is getting hung up on the conferences, and he needs to look at the whole program."

Fulwood admits she doesn't know much about the difference between the spread and pro-style offense, but she said her son does have a preference in which offense he would like to play in.

"He [Ahmad] said he wants to play in the pro offense," she said. "I mean I don't know the difference between the pro offense versus the spread. I don't know which one throws more to the wide receivers. I don't know. He was saying well they need a big wide receiver at Florida. So I asked coach [Will] Muschamp, 'Well, why don't you have big receivers?' And he said, 'because we weren't playing the pro offense when we were under coach Urban Meyer, so we didn't have big wide receivers.' He said, 'But now that I'm here I want to change a lot of things.' "

Fulwood said she just wants her son to keep his options open before making a decision.

"I still feel like its not a good fit for him, I just don't," she said of UF. "I think he needs to look at other schools and give other schools a chance. And like I said, if he goes to other schools and take his five officials and decides, 'OK I did my five officials and I still really like Florida,' then I would feel a little better. But right now he's just cutting everybody off."