Visit reinforces McMillian's UF commitment

GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- Florida commit Daniel McMillian was a little surprised when he stepped onto Florida Field for the Gators’ practice and scrimmage on Saturday.

The Jacksonville (Fla.) First Coast High School linebacker almost couldn’t keep up with how fast things were happening on the field. And not only in the scrimmage, either. The warm-up periods and the drills were brisk, too, without any wasted time.

"I hadn’t realized, and I should have realized, that college is a more faster pace," McMillian said. "You’ve got to line up quicker, think quicker, react quicker."

Sometimes, he said, the players weren’t quick enough. There were a couple of times that the offense snapped the ball before the defense was completely lined up.

The 6-foot-3, 220-pound McMillian, who was recruited to play the buck position, said the scrimmage was pretty much even but he liked the way the defense played.

"The defense looked great," he said. "The linebackers filled holes. The defensive line got off the ball. The corners were locking down good."

McMillian also said he was impressed with the interaction between the coaches and the players – especially when things weren’t going well – and that reaffirmed in his mind that he made the correct decision by committing to Florida.

"I really liked how the coaches get on their players, but the players don’t get mad," he said. "They react in a positive way because they know the coaches love them and they’re there for them and know they’re doing it for the best."