Jim Harbaugh anticipates chills when Florida State's Osceola plants spear

Harbaugh shines at Orange Bowl news conference (1:43)

Jim Harbaugh has several legendary lines at the Orange Bowl news conference, as Michigan prepares to take on Florida State. (1:43)

Hopefully word has reached Jim Harbaugh by now. Florida State’s Osceola and Renegade will be planting the spear at the Capital One Orange Bowl.

At a joint news conference with Seminoles coach Jimbo Fisher on Wednesday, Michigan’s coach enthusiastically marveled at Florida State’s pregame tradition. Before each home game, Osceola rides Renegade, an Appaloosa horse, to midfield and plants a flaming spear.

“Is he going to do it? Does he do it at the bowl game?” Harbaugh asked Fisher. “Well, you have our permission. I want to see that.”

Of course a football and tradition junkie like Harbaugh would want to watch that pregame, even if it means inciting Florida State fans in a south Florida stadium that will almost certainly be leaning the Seminoles’ way.

Fisher didn’t know the answer, but Florida State’s assistant athletics director for marketing and promotions confirmed to ESPN.com that the Orange Bowl will allow the pregame tradition at Hard Rock Stadium.

Harbaugh was the quarterback in 1986 when Michigan and Florida State played, but the game was in Ann Arbor.

“[Florida State is] one of those great programs, one of those great traditions,” Harbaugh said. “Renegade the war horse. The spear. The tomahawk chant. I’ve never been to a game at Florida State. I always wanted to. I always wanted to go to their stadium and see what that atmosphere was like in person.

“This will be as close as I’ve ever been to that. I’m very much excited about that and looking forward to that. I’m gonna get some chills I know when [Renegade] comes riding out there. ... That is one of the coolest things. A lot of teams got cool things. We got cool things and other teams got cool things. That is right up there with one of the coolest things.”

And now Harbaugh will be able to witness it for the first time.