Highest-paid employee in your state? It's probably a coach

Who's the highest-paid public employee in every state?
This year's Final Four is a good example of why big-time college sports coaches make big-time money. The three public school coaches -- Dana Altman, Frank Martin and Roy Williams -- are earning a combined $7.2 million in base pay this year. But guess what? Not one of them tops his state payroll. Here are the 50 best-paid public employees in the U.S. for 2016 ... and a whole lot more dollar data. 3/30/2017


(Many) money men
Of the 50 U.S. states, a college football or men's basketball coach was the highest-paid employee in 39 of them in 2016. If you're wondering why Coach K or David Shaw aren't listed, it's because they work at private institutions. And yes, a few of these coaches -- Les Miles at LSU and Tom Crean at Indiana, for example -- don't even work there any more.

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