Preview: Opportunity knocks for ACC

A thin layer of dust covered office desks and chairs this summer at the ACC headquarters in Greensboro, N.C., as staff members and high-ranking officials went about their workdays in makeshift offices amidst the noise of hammers and drills. Even commissioner John Swofford has had to move to a temporary office, as a $1.1 million renovation project takes place.

The ACC, in so many ways, has literally been under construction.

ACC headquarters, much like the conference itself, is expanding. The building will grow another 4,200 square feet, including new offices and more space for video production and game-day operations. With the additions of Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Louisville and Notre Dame, the ACC staff had to grow, too. Over the past two years, there have been so many changes to the league and its membership that the conference has literally undergone a makeover.

The question is whether or not the ACC will actually look any different next week when three of its teams open the season against SEC powers Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina.

"In sports, winning matters," said Swofford, "and the more you win, the stronger you are perceived to be."

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