It isn't time to panic...yet

Florida State fans are frustrated with this 2013 recruiting class.

Compared to what they have grown accustomed to over the past couple of cycles, it's understandable.

There aren't 10 ESPN 150 members. There aren't 10 ESPN 300 members.

Commitments are flipping to other schools, or just decommitting altogether -- not that it makes any difference where they end up and when they do it if they aren't coming to Tallahassee.

But this kind of fallout should have been expected, at least to some degree. No recruiting class can completely survive the loss of six coaches, and Seminoles fans understand that for the most part.

Too many relationships that have existed for more than a year vanish. And new assistants, as quality as they might prove to be, just don't have the time to make up lost ground.

There is some hope, though. Not this year, as the Class of 2013 won't finish up to expectations, but there are some quality players in it.

That's not what fans should cling to.

The 2014 class Florida State is putting together looks promising -- real promising. All seven commitments from the junior group are on the ESPN Watch List, a list made to identify potential ESPN 150 and ESPN 300 candidates.

The underclassmen haven't strayed despite all of the coaching changes. Because they don't sign for another year, the new staff will have their chance to pitch the program and themselves.

Should they retain most, or all, of the 2014 commitments, and continue at the pace they've set, Florida State's next haul will be just fine.

So while this 2013 class won't finish in the top two like in previous years, and maybe not even in the top 10, there are some signees that will definitely contribute and even go on to be impact players.

But the most fortunate thing about this situation is two-fold.

Jimbo Fisher has a stocked roster already. Even though the Seminoles will lose a couple of mainstays to the NFL this year, there is talent in the wings. Coupled with a strong class behind it, the program will get on just fine.

As long as those two scenarios are in place, the latter being the most important and most subject to change, there isn't a need to panic just yet.