Adams intends to live up to promise

LINCOLNTON, Ga. -- Five-star defensive tackle Montravius Adams (Vienna, Ga./Dooly County) made a promise to his mother when he was a little boy. Well, make that a young boy. The 6-foot-4, 300-pound All-American was seldom considered little. Young “Mon” Adams told his mother Debbie Young that he had a plan.

“I worked at nights at Tyson Foods so I always had an aunt, Inez Glenn, that made sure he got to his games,” Young said. “He had a bike, but the chain would never stay on it and he always wanted to get to that game, so she made sure he did. He said, ‘Momma, one day I am going to stop you from working at Tyson.’ I said ‘Oh, OK, Mon,’ but I didn’t believe what is happening now would actually happen. That is what he said. I am just very excited for him.”

Adams is now the top defensive tackle prospect in the nation and the No. 6-ranked recruit in the Class of 2013. He has offers from premier programs such as Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, Florida, Florida State, Clemson, Michigan, Oklahoma and USC, among others. Coaches by the score have trekked to rural Vienna, Ga., to visit and scout Adams. The smart ones also make sure to talk with his mother.

“These coaches work me very, very hard,” Young said. “They tell me about the education that Mon is going to get because they know that is my top concern. It is the most important part of this. He can play football but I want him to have something upstairs also. He wants to study business.”

Adams has often mentioned how important his mother is in his decision-making process. When asked about it, Young agrees, but feels she is mainly acting like a sounding board to help her son with his analysis.

“I am very important in his decision because any game we go to or any college we go to he says, ‘Mom, how did you feel about this?’ ” Young said. “I will say, ‘I felt good but it is up to you.’ I have my input but I want him to be comfortable since that is where he will be living.”

After a recent visit to Athens, Adams said that his mother liked her trip to Georgia the best of all the visits they had taken to that point. While that excited the Bulldogs’ fan base, one visit will not seal the deal for Adams.

“I like Georgia; I like Clemson,” Young said. “I like them all. This week I have been getting a lot of phone calls and going to the school and meeting with coaches so I have been very busy this week. It just does not seem real.”

Adams plans to cut his long list of offers down some time after the Georgia Public Class A championship game on Saturday.

“Since we have been going in the playoffs I haven’t really thought about it. But I know I will have a top six afterward,” Adams said.

Adams might not know who will make the cut, but he knows what day he will decide. His announcement date was chosen to honor his family -- more specifically, his nephew.

“I tell him to just pray to God because he has to sit down one day and make a decision,” Young said. “He will make a decision on Jan 19. My grandson will be 1, so that is the day he is going to announce.”