Florida DE becomes LSU's eighth commit

BATON ROUGE, La. -- Now it's official.

LSU landed its eighth football commitment Tuesday night when 2014 defensive end Sharieff Rhaheed (Fort Pierce, Fla./Central) had the commitment he tried to make last week validated after a visit to LSU's campus.

Rhaheed, an athletic 6-foot-2, 205-pound athlete whose abilities can translate to either defensive end or linebacker, might either be LSU's second linebacker commitment or its first defensive end commitment. If he bulks up, he has a high motor and speed that might make him a speed rusher. If he plays linebacker, he has the speed that can make him effective on the blitz or covering ground sideline-to-sideline.

Rhaheed admitted that he called LSU "out of the blue" with his commitment last week without ever having visited LSU's camp. But the LSU interest was genuine, so the invitation was sent out to for Rhaheed come to campus this week. He visited Tuesday, taking in the campus with his mother, visiting with head coach Les Miles, and watching the Tigers' afternoon spring practice.

Asked why he would be so interested in a school he had not seen before, Rhaheed told ESPN's Josh Moyer, "It's just their scheme, the area, and the fact they're in the SEC. They were one of the first schools to show me interest my sophomore year, and I just really like them."

Now that he's seen the campus and the visit went well, it's official.